Heart Display Kit

We definitely have your best interest at heart with our Heart Display Kit! This kit features our top selling Heart Shaped Display as well as our HassleFree™ Oval Counter Display.

The Heart Shaped Display is a unique backdrop that will for sure draw the attention of your audience based on its shape alone. With over 40 square feet of real estate, take full advantage of the entire space for stand-out messaging!

The Oval Counter Display is the perfect addition to this kit, giving you the counter space to place your catalogs, and other collateral while staying on brand. Use the “secret” zipper in the back to store your personal items or additional collateral. Includes carry cases and comes with FREE Shipping!

* FREE GROUND SHIPPING! to 1-location in the Continental US.

* Free shipping with a 5-7 day delivery time only applies to 1-location in the Continental US.
Multiple drop shipping delivery time is 10-12 days with additional charges.